George Natembeya. Trans-Nzoia County


Legacy Projects Trans-Nzoia

This will define our first term
  1. Providing clean piped water - powered by solar energy - to all homesteads
  2. Building a modern cultural and arts Centre in Kitale town
  3. Building a modern sports complex in Kitale town.
  4. Putting up library and resource centres at the Ward levels.
  5. Establishment of Innovation and Business Incubation Center.
  6. Building a modern conference center in Trans-Nzoia County.
  7. Establish a Public University

Food Security and Agri-economy

Realising the potential of Agriculture
  1. Assist all farmers to drive agricuture as a business
  2. Give farmers incentives to increase yield and value
  3. Use innovative financing instruments and insurance schemes to reduce vulnerabilities of farmers to climate change and market volatility.

Principal Drivers of Our Economy

Our economy will not only evolve, but deliberately re-engineered through the following actors
  1. Farmers
  2. Women Groups
  3. Youth Groups
  4. Boda boda Groups
  5. Taxi Groups
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