Agriculture is the backbone of the county economy. Majority of the residents practice mixed farming of crop growing and animal rearing. In Trans-Nzoia County, our farmers have the wherewithal to make significant contribution to our County and National GDP growth Climate change is already causing yield declines for staple crops, exacerbating food insecurity. Future projections indicate an increasingly variable climate including changes in rainfall and temperature and more frequent extreme weather. The sector is the major source of employment for over 80% of the rural population directly while a sizeable number of the county residents are employed in the few small scale
agro- processing industries.


A sharp focus on developing the agriculture value chain, exploring opportunities in the
regional market and equipping MSEs backed by the requisite infrastructure creates
multiple opportunities for rapid employment creation, inflows of investments, earnings
from value-added exports and transformation of small-scale enterprises. I will champion
the establishment Trans Nzoia Coffee Farmers and Millers Association and Fund of Kshs 20
million. I will ensure proper land adjudication and demarcation of public, private and
community land and design policies and programs to wean farmers off of unsustainable
methods of agricultural production
George Natembeya

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