Governor Natembeya embarks on plan to revamp ECDE sector


Trans Nzoia Governor H.E George Natembeya has made a commitment to initiate reforms in the Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) sector.

Speaking while in a meeting with ECDE teachers on Tuesday at Social Hall, Governor Natembeya said his administration will hire more tutors to meet the demand of the 45,928 pupils.

"We will ensure that we construct classrooms that meet the required standards so that our pupils can learn in a condusive environment," he said.

The county boss said they will also equip special needs tutors with fresh training on how to handle the learners.

The administration will soon launch a pilot feeding programme in selected centers.

"We will ensure all tutors are put on schemes of service instead of being paid with mere allowances. We want to ensure that the terms are improved," said the Governor.

The governor said his administration has set aside funds that will cater for purchase of learning materials for learners to be effected by end of Februray.

Governor Natembeya also said the terms of employment will be improved to ensure the teachers can progress in their Job groups.

The county executive Committee member in charge of education Julia Kichwen said there are plans to ensure ECDE centers are self sufficient so that they are not reliant on primary schools for materials. 

Of the 431 ECDE centers in public schools in the region, 57 rely on volunteers to teach since they were left out a staffing exercise by former Governor Patrick Khaemba's regime.

The tutors called on the Governor to ensure atleast 1838 teachers are hired to meet the UNESCO teacher student ratio of 1:25 .

"We don't just teach but babysit, feed and clean the pupils hence they require maximum tension which is not possible when there are less teachers," said Mr Werashipala Christatus, in-charge of staffing.

In attendance was County Secretary Mrs. Truphosa I. O. Amere, HSC, CeC PSM Mr Samson Ojwang,CeC Education, Mrs Julie Kichwen Ruto, Chief of Staff Dickinson Wamocho among others. 

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