Reprieve for Namanjalala residents as Governor Natembeya launches a water project

Trans Nzoia Governor H.E. George Natembeya today launched a water project to provide clean water to residents in the Namanjalala area of the Kwanza sub-county.

Floods are a common occurrence in Namanjalala. In many cases, dug wells are always flooded or collapsed, causing young girls and women to walk long distances to find water. 

The project is being funded by the county government and will take seven days to complete. 

It is drilling a borehole to serve schools in the area and 220 households in the Namanjalala area. 

The 80-meter borehole is projected to produce 3,000 liters of water per hour.

Governor Natembeya said that the County government plans to drill 20 boreholes this financial year. Additionally, 11 boreholes drilled earlier will be equipped with a solar hybrid pumping system, a community water point, pipeline distribution, and a water kiosk.

The project complements county government efforts in achieving the goal of having every homestead connected to water," said Governor Natembeya. 

He also added that the project is in line with the county government’s vision of ensuring access to drinking water. This is because it is a way of improving hygiene standards and enhancing agricultural production which plays a critical role in the county’s development agenda.

In attendance were: the County Secretary Mrs. Truphosa Amere, HSC, CEC PSM Mr. Samson Ojwang, CEC Water and Environment Mr. Patrick Gacheru, and Chief Officer Water Dorothy Musikoyo among others.

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