Governor Natembeya tours Kachibora hospital and promises to improve healthcare

Trans Nzoia Governor H.E. George Natembeya today inspected Kachibora hospital to ascertain the state of healthcare services at the facility.

This comes after numerous complaints from residents of poor services at the hospital and poor infrastructure.

Governor Natembeya visited most sections of the facility, including the female wards, pediatric, labour wards, and laboratory sections.

He learned that some critical machines were not working and the facility had theater equipment donated by the French government but not installed due to lack of space.

He ordered public works to FastTrack the completion of the theater facility to enable the installation of the equipment.

The governor ordered that the pediatrics department be remodeled and a TV installed. Additionally, the walls should be painted and the service chart completed properly.

He said doctors should stay within their area of responsibility to address the issue in emergency cases.

He also noted that there was no need to wait for drugs from KEMSA in cases where there is an emergency saying drugs can be ordered somewhere else.

The facility which sits on a 4-acre piece of land requires Sh6 million to operate in three months.

Going forward, hospitals will be given authority to incur expenditure, meaning they will be allowed to retain revenue generated to enable uninterrupted service flow.

He also noted there were a few patients at the facility wondering why beds were empty and urged management to address the matter.

"Why are patients running away from the facility to Kitale county referral hospital? It is management's responsibility to ensure the facility is of the highest standard," said Governor Natembeya.

He promised that his government would allocate enough funds for improved healthcare services in the county.

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