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George Natembeya

Trans-Nzoia County Aspirant

Welcome to George Natembeya Biography

When he stepped down from his post, George Natembeya was Kenya’s youngest regional commissioner, a position he held until the impending August 9th national elections.

This article delves into his life story, focusing on his upbringing, schooling, training, and professional trajectory.

George Natembeya’s Age and Birthplace

Since he was born in 1971, he will be 51 years old in 2022.

Education of George Natembeya

It was while attending the Kenya School of Government that he began his undergraduate studies in Anthropology at the University of Nairobi. The Mother of Apostles Seminary is where he studied, according to his LinkedIn page. In 1999, George Natembeya graduated with honors from the University of Nairobi with a Master of Arts in Anthropology.

The Professional Life of George Natembeya

After 25 years in the public sector, Natembeya resigned in order to run for elected office. He got his start working for the late John Michuki, Kenya’s Minister of Security. According to Natembeya, “I learnt all I know from John Michuki,” he said in an interview with the People Daily newspaper.

At first he was promoted to the rank of District Officer, then to that of Murang’a District Commissioner after serving in that capacity for four years in a row. The Mungiki gang, which had terrorized the population of Murang’a, was a significant focus of his activities in the area. Natembeya, who succeeded Kenneth Lusaka as Senate speaker, was able to put an end to the gang’s activities.

As Isiolo County Commissioner, he was later transferred to Narok in 2016. His job was to guard the Mau water towers, which was a much heavier burden for him this time. He had to remove more than 10,000 inhabitants during this high-stress mission.

On 12th January 2022, he resigned as Rift Valley Regional Commissioner after serving since June 2019. With the Elections Act, which set a deadline of 9 February for individuals in the public sector pursuing electoral positions, he became the first senior government official to formally present his resignation to the president. He’ll be running for governor of Trans Nzoia. As George Natembeya put it to NTV when asked about his decision to work away from home, “People see how you do. As a result, you have no choice but to return home when someone calls.”

Personal History of George Natembeya

Two of his children are in higher education, one is in secondary school, and the governor-aspirant is a father of three.

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George Natembeya. Trans-Nzoia County

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In such areas where man has fundamentally transformed landscapes such as urban settings, the natural environment is greatly modified into a simplified human environment. Even acts that seem less extreme, such as building, modify the natural environment.

Arts & Culture

The county is endowed with rich tourism potential. It is part of the western tourism circuit
which has of late been a key marketing focus by the Kenya Tourism Board.

Most outstanding places of interest include Mount Elgon National Park, Saiwa Swamp
National Park and Kitale Nature Conservancy.

Education, Skills and Jobs
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Arts & Culture

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