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He has been almost completely absent in my children’s lives and even when we are together, it’s very awkward and has nothing much to say but either something sarcastic or mean. I hate the way he has treated my husband when he was growing up. Right now, I will be thankful when he is gone, but that makes me somewhat sad for my husband. He is such a good man and is so much better of a Christian that I am with his loving response to a man who is just not nice. I’m sure that I will be sad for any heartbreak that my husband feels when the time comes.

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Your story resonates a lot with mine. Me and my two brothers had a verbally new chatham seafood restaurant and emotionally abusive step father. He basically raised me and was in my life for for over 20 years. He was severely abused and neglected as a child and did not know how to be a healthy parent. Hated his constant screaming and belittling.

  • Over the years she vilified me .
  • I’m sure Art is no longer reading these messages my friends.
  • My husband died a few days ago.
  • Whether that sounds right or wrong, doesn’t matter.
  • I’m exhausted in the morning from working for her all night.
  • I think your blog is very healing & inspirational to the people who are journeying through this ‘strange new world’ of grief and I think that by helping others, you are helping yourself.

My parents never forgave me for that and would bring up the fact that I had called the police in that situation, all the time. I feel you may be the bitter one, and remember if God can forgive, you can, and must as well. Poor or rich, political parties aside, you need to forgive,. It was always about him and speaks to who he was and not you. You didn’t deserve that and I hope you find peace, joy and all the love you deserve going forward. My uncle also was also void of charm, charity, kindness, and not friendly.

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My 2 sister are both blind and my brother was 3 years older then me. From very young age we were in survival mode in our family and i assume the role of the protector when ever my dad decided to beat my mom or my brother and sisters. It became so bad we had to hide my mom in the truck of the car. We beg my mom to leave my dad but where would she go with 2 disable child she use to tell us. Money was not a problem and my father was very well respected in the community. So when i tried to call the social worker they called my dad to pick me up saying it was a lie.

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So has the the quest for horrific, gut-kicking images. Both directions are sought for various reasons. Warhol was not the first to explore oxidation with urine. Serrano was not the first to use semen as a medium.

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I pray that Our Lord will hold you close in his arms so that your pain may be eased.You will be with Ramona again, for you were truly her soulmate. A long time listner and fan of both you, Ramona and kitties. My condolences to you in losing such a wonderful lady, friend, sister, and daughter.

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I can’t cry in front of my children it hurts them too much. I can’t cry in front of my mom and sister i should be tuff so it comes out in my dream. The kids wake me up because i am crying in my dream this is where i talk to my brother and beg him not to leave. I am not sure who is right or wrong but having come from a abusive childhood i had to protect my children.

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I’m willing to let it go if you are.” Which is pretty much the way I feel. My mother in law died last week. I literally jumped for joy, singing Ding Dong the witch is dead. She has been a trouble maker in my marriage from the start.