2022 LinkedIn Learning Reviews: Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It?

If you sign up for a monthly Premium subscription, you will pay $29.99, renewed automatically each month. If you would prefer to pay just once per year, you will need to pay $299.88 plus relevant taxes. This is a discount of approximately 33% and will cost you around $19.99 per month. This platform is loaded to the brim with all kinds of educational material that is not only practical and useful, but also actionable and enjoyable to learn. In addition to personalized course recommendations from the platform, you will also be able to assess your progress with quizzes while you complete each individual course. Although the quizzes aren’t graded, they offer a good way for you to keep track of how well you are doing and whether you have achieved the listed course objectives.

are linkedin courses worth it

If you want to gain a more advanced knowledge of a topic, you would be better off signing up for a course offered by a university. LinkedIn Learning provides more of an overview or skim rather than a detailed experience. One of the best features of LinkedIn Learning is the availability https://remotemode.net/ of a free trial program. This is the absolute best way for you to get an idea of whether a course or course platform is right for you before you commit. You don’t have to pay a cent if you decide, after the first month, that LinkedIn Learning isn’t right for you.

What is a LinkedIn Learning subscription?

LinkedIn has been the best tool to connect with professionals, colleagues, and other experts in your niche. So being able to message anyone or search for anyone will help you maximize your outreach efforts. In addition, LinkedIn premium can help you increase your visibility. Professional development is important for most people’s careers, especially at higher levels. Because of this, the possibilities are much less limited than professional development obtained by more traditional routes. Similarly, Recruiter Lite ($134.99/mo) allows 30 InMails, special recruiter-specific search, separate user interface, hiring tools, and suggestions that help find talent.

  • It’s definitely a useful platform if there’s a particular area you want to get started in – say you’re interested in learning to code, for example, or if you want some guidance on how to use Adobe Photoshop.
  • Access to this learning platform is a kind of complimentary add-on for anyone who upgrades to a premium LinkedIn subscription.
  • The next course I launched showed the video contents by default.
  • Notes are beneficial because you can take digital notes as you move along in a course so that you can reference them later on.
  • For those who plan to use LinkedIn Learning, they’ll likely end up using LinkedIn itself for professional reasons as well, so I wanted to mention this.

All courses are delivered via video lecture, with quizzes and additional resources. While not as immersive as some platforms, they’re a decent option for learning in a stress-free, low-cost way, and well structured. In this brief guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know about online photography courses if they’re worth it, and my picks for the best beginner, intermediate and advanced courses on LinkedIn Learning.

8,852 courses

With the help of the course, however, you’ll learn how to choose a more positive reaction to the situation. Many of the classes deal with specific challenges, including addiction, weight gain, chronic pain, anger, and depression. With your purchase of either course, you’ll get eight lectures at about 45 minutes each, along with a substantial course guidebook . You’ll learn about each composer’s life and how it influenced his compositions.

are linkedin courses worth it

Depending on what device you’re using, you may also find that the site itself is not as nimble as it could be, making exploring what LinkedIn Learning has to offer a bit of a navigational chore. But Great Courses Plus also has a large stable of individual lectures, along with multi-class courses. For any The Great Courses Plus review or regular Great Courses review, it’s important to note what is similar and what is different between the two options.

Your Subscription Has Been Canceled

LinkedIn Learning is jam-packed with practical, actionable educational material for online learners. The materials are applicable both for the beginning and intermediate learner and the focus is largely on job skills. It’s a good platform for those hoping to become fluent in specific job-related software platforms.

are linkedin courses worth it

It has a growing community of 800+ million users in more than 200 countries worldwide. LinkedIn Premium Career is less than $40 a month for a wide range of tools to help you polish your professional profile and find potential new jobs or career advancement opportunities. Premium Career accounts can access 16,000 expert-led LinkedIn learning courses.

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You can cancel at any time if you decide to move to another platform, or if you merely decide that online learning is not right for you. You’ll also be able to access things like exercise files, notes, and assessments. Exercise files are perfect for helping you gain mastery of a subject, as you’ll be able to practice the skills taught in the class in a more hands-on way. Notes are beneficial because you can take digital notes as you move along in a course so that you can reference them later on.

  • Now, recruiters, jobseekers, and most other professionals hang out here.
  • LinkedIn Learning also comes with a premium subscription to LinkedIn.
  • The courses are plentiful and cater to beginners and experts alike, from basic HTML to advanced C++.
  • LinkedIn Learning is part of LinkedIn, which in turn is part of Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world.
  • LinkedIn Learning has three basic categories – creative, business, and technology.

Which one is best depends on what you want to learn, and PCMag has several Editors’ Choice picks. MasterClass is best if you want inspirational talks and specific advice from people at the top of their field about their field. Skillshare focuses on skills for creative types, offering classes on everything from how to sell goods on Instagram to learning the ins and outs of an electric sewing machine. Coursera online it courses enrolls you in courses from Yale and other prestigious universities for free. If you already have a LinkedIn account, you’ll love using LinkedIn Learning because everything is set up and designed in a similar fashion. The platform has access to your job profile, skills, areas of expertise, and subjects of interest, so you’ll find that courses are automatically recommended based on this profile.

13,970 courses

On top of this, LinkedIn’s 2015 acquisition of Lynda.com – at the time one of the world’s leading online learning platforms – gave them access to a wealth of excellent seed content. LinkedIn Learningoffers self paced courses which you can purchase as an individual course or on a subscription model. Its courses focus on Business, Technology and Creative topics and you will earn a certificate on course completion. The self-paced learning is ideal for someone with a busy schedule so they can learn at a time that works for them. Its courses and subscriptions are inexpensive and the 1-month free trial is pretty appealing. It’s video course content is offered in multiple languages including; English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. It’s content appeals to international learners studying in another language.

The best you can do is leave questions under a video and hope they get answered in the comments. As a social network, though, LinkedIn already offers an entire, career-hungry community to tap into for help and support. To find a specific skill or type of course, you’re best off using the search bar from the get-go. There is one benefit to browsing the categories, and that’s for the Learning Paths. Learning Paths are curated series of videos about a common subject.

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